Zero Hedge still hasn’t caught on the Craig Wright is a Fraud   


Not Satosi Nakamoto, Its just Craigh Wright
Not Satoshi Nakamoto

Zero Hedge has a bitcoin post regarding the news that Craig Wright attempted to purchase some $80 million dollars worth of gold from an Australian conman named Mark Ferrier.

Tyler Durden is spinning this as if Satoshi Nakamoto had attempted to diversify into gold away from bitcoin.  Except, that there is no concrete proof that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, and there is no proof that Craig Wright ever had any money, bitcoin or otherwise.

What there is proof of is that Craig Wright:

  1. Is under investigation from the Australian Tax Authorities for a possible scheme to defraud it out of $54 million in rebates.
  2. That he claimed to own a $100 million super computer in partnership with SGI. SGI disavowed ever having Mr. Wright as a client and there is no evidence the computer exists.
  3. That one of his companies was in bankruptcy


I could go on but the picture is pretty dark for someone who maybe the creator of one the biggest technological breakthroughs th

is century and would be estimated to own close to $450 million worth of Bitcoin.

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