Top 10 Bitcoin Videos of 2015 – Part 2

Part 2 : Top 10 Bitcoin Videos of 2015.

The Top 5 Videos.

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5. Jaime Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase, ” You’re Wasting Your Time With Bitcoin”

Presented without commentary

4. All-Star Panel: Ed Moy, Joseph VaughnPerling, Trace Mayer, Nick Szabo, Dr. Craig Wright

No year of Bitcoin is complete without an attempt to unmask Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.  In 2015 Craig Wright, an unknown Australian shot to fame, when it was leaked that he maybe Satoshi Nakamoto.  We’ve provided our take highlighting we why believe its a hoax.   Here is the video of Dr. Craig Wrights first public appearance at a Bitcoin Event. The video also shows an awkward back and forth between Nick Szabo, (who is regularly mentioned as a possible candidate for Satoshi Nakamoto) and Dr. Wright.


3 . Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong December 7th

Pieter Wuille Bitcoin Core Developer presents Segregated Witness a proposal which will modify Bitcoin Core via a soft fork to enable more capacity without needing to raise the block limit. The video is not for the faint of heart or mathematics, but provides insight into what maybe a major contribution to bitcoin scaling debate.

2. Documentary: The Bitcoin Gospel (VPRO Backlight)

A great documentary by dutch public broadcasting corporation VPRO on Bitcoin.
Includes interviews with Roger Ver, Marshall Long, and appearance by Max Kieser

1. Wired Money 2015 – Andreas M Antonopoulos – Bitcoin is the real disruptor

Andreas Anotnopoulos is consider one of the leading promoters of bitcoin, and always makes a compelling and colorful case for why Bitcoin may power the global economy. In this video he gives a talk at Wired money 2015. This is a great video to share and introduce others to bitcoin.

Part 1: Videos 10 – 6

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