PwC and Blockstream Announce Strategic Partnership

Blockstream a Bitcoin company who counts among its founders Bitcoin Core Developers Gregory Maxwell,  Dr. Pieter Wuille  and Adam Back, has announced a partnership  with PwC a Global Consulting firm.

Blockstream is pleased to announce today a strategic partnership with PwC to bring blockchain technology and services to companies around the world. The rapid pace of innovation in cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, and smart contract technology is driving organizations to transform their operations. PwC exemplifies the type of partner that will help us deliver the promise of this cutting edge technology.

Blockstream provides companies access to the most mature, well tested, and secure blockchain technology in production – the Bitcoin protocol extended via interoperable sidechains to support new applications – along with one of the most experienced teams in the industry. PwC brings deep industry experience, a broad range of business services and cutting-edge client insights. Together, PwC and Blockstream will help companies evaluate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and launch new uses for the Bitcoin protocol.

Source: PwC and Blockstream Announce Strategic Partnership

Blockstream will be working with PwC to bring it’s side chain implementations to PwC clients and expand the use cases for the Bitcoin protocol.  Blockstream states they will be using their Liquid platform to underpin these new initiatives.

This news coincides with PwC’s announcement earlier in the week that they are putting together a specialized Blockchain team to bring these new technologies to clients.

PwC has recruited 15 leading technology specialists to exploit and commercialise blockchain, the technology that powers the crypto-currency, Bitcoin.

The new Blockchain team will be based in PwC’s Belfast office and is expected to grow to over 40 digital and technology specialists during 2016.