Coinbase Reinstated to

Coinbase and Hug it Out

As we previously reported Coinbase had been removed from the website because of statements made by CEO Brian Armstrong in support of Bitcoin XT.

This morning,  Armstrong on behalf of Coinbase, posted on reddit an official statement;  regarding its stance alternate Bitcoin implementations.

Theymos I’m happy to give you an official answer as best I can.

Coinbase will always support the longest valid chain in bitcoin. Actually lets say longest valid chain where valid is an economic majority. We would never want to prevent our customers from using their bitcoin, forcing them on to a shorter chain or do anything like that (it would be a terrible decision that could hurt everything we’ve built at the company). I’m sort of surprised anyone thought we would really do this, I didn’t think it was even worth mentioning.

We run four different types of nodes in the production, so XT is just one we were experimenting with. Coblee is right that we need to experiment with many node types to ensure we can continue to serve our customers, even in the event a hard fork were to occur (obviously, a hard fork is not up to us, even if people think we have a vote). Btw, it is worth mentioning that even if people thought we were running 100% on XT (which we weren’t) this would still not have moved us off the longest chain in bitcoin (XT requires 70% consensus on blocks mined, I believe). I probably should have explained this better so people didn’t misinterpret it.

Our opinions may be different on how to scale bitcoin, but hopefully you no longer have concerns about Coinbase moving off of bitcoin. We will always support the longest chain. Does this help? If not let me know. Thanks.

Shortly after that a pull request on the website was approved


Pull Request on Github approved.


Coinbase now appears as a wallet option again.



Not sure how this drama contributes to Bitcoin’s growth, but I am sure reddit must love the traffic.