Bitcoins’ Civil War Heats Up

The continued conflict between those who demand an quick increase in blocksize and support BitcoinXT or BIP 101 proposals heated up over the weekend when Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong announced over twitter that they are experimenting with BitcoinXT Nodes.

In response a user on reddit and github Cobra-Bitcoin, linked to their pull request to remove Coinbase from the chose your Wallet page on

Coinbase is now running Bitcoin XT in their production servers. XT is an contentious hard fork attempt that will create a new altcoin and split the community and blockchain should it ever go into effect. If this ever happens, Coinbase’s customers may find that they no longer own any actual Bitcoin.

This pull request removes Coinbase from the “Choose your Wallet” page to protect new users from being on the wrong end of a blockchain fork. should only promote Bitcoin services. Companies that use XT don’t meet this criteria because they support forking off the blockchain and switching to a new incompatible currency without broad consensus.

Bitcoin Core has already announced a road map to address scalability concerns. I don’t see why@barmstrong feels the need to try to promote XT in this way. Almost all of the Bitcoin technical community supports the announced road map. It’s not like things aren’t moving forward.

I’ll merge this soon. Feedback is always appreciated though.

The pull request was approved and merged around 10 AM EST on Dec 27th.  As a result Coinbase has been removed from the website as recommend bitcoin wallet and service.

Another pull request has been submitted to rever this change and restore Coinbase as a recommended wallet.

Meanwhile r/bitcoin and twitter are hot with arguments for and against the ostracization of coinbase.

below are some excerpts.


My thoughts; these sideshow dramas will fall away once actual code is committed to bitcoin showing some scaling.  Looking through the Bitcoin-Dev mail list you can see concrete discussions and work being done.  In the meantime lots of popcorn will be consumed.

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*updated 12/28/2015@12:00 EST – Screenshot of the new Choose your Wallet page on Choose your Wallet Page without Coinbase. Choose your Wallet Page without Coinbase.

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